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News and Events


We began our school year on 1st September 2021.  We welcome our new students and of course our students from last year.  Well done everyone!


Our fruit harvest

Have you seen the beautiful apples in our garden?  Everyone is having great fun tending to our harvest!


Butterfly garden

We have seen butterflies in our garden.  We will plant wildflowers to add to our butterfly garden.  We will learn that caterpillars change to a butterfly.  We will see that butterfly come to our garden and lay eggs, especially on our cabbage plants!



We will be building on our themes this year and celebrating Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter and St. Patrick's Day. 

Colorful Balloons


We will be learning that we are part of the natural world around us.  We will also be learning how we can play our part in protecting and having respect for our environment.  We see our compost bins in our garden and will learn why we use them.

Compost Pickup Service

Our garden

Everyone loves our garden, especially our building blocks and mud pie kitchen.  Children have been busy building bridges with the blocks since we began.  Thankfully we brought our old clothes.

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