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Welcome to The Children's House Montessori Playschool. 

We are a playschool located on the grounds of St. Feichín's National School, Cross, County Mayo.  We cater for children from all areas.


Our mission is to provide a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment where your child is  safe and secure.   We provide a preschool service where all children are included, happy and supported to learn and develop as unique individuals.  We recognise that each child is different and that they learn in their own way, at their own pace and level of ability.  By acknowledging and practicing this as the cornerstone of our practice, this enables each child to reach their full potential. 

In our preschool, all children, their families and staff are respected, cared, happy and valued. Through nurturing relationships, interactions and the various types of play we focus on each child’s holistic development.  This promotes knowledge/understanding and skills with an important focus on the development of positive attitudes, values, and dispositions.


Play for a child is very important.  It helps us learn, to collaborate with our friends, to problem solve and most importantly, to simply have fun.  

Play in all it's forms help us think.  Remember, nothing in the world would ever be achieved without first being a thought.   We value thoughts and each child's voice as a unique person and as a valued person within our community.


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